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Around the World in 80 Musical Instruments

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Around the World, Book #2

Journey around the globe to explore a musical cave, peek inside a piano, and find out how to play an instrument without touching it.

From ancient instruments made from shells to instruments that make music with lightning, discover an orchestra of instruments you can shake, pluck, scrape, hit, and blow - and how you can make your own.

Grouped into percussion instruments, wind, and string, as well as the weird and wonderful that defy categorization, Around the World in 80 Musical Instruments covers traditional instruments from various cultures, such as the gamelan and mbira, as well as the creations of modern artists and musicians, such as the Wintergatan Marble Machine and the eerie-sounding yaybahar. Readers will even discover a band that plays exclusively on instruments fashioned from fresh vegetables and makes the scraps into soup to serve to the audience!

A visual celebration of the huge variety of musical instruments found across the globe, from those you know to those you almost certainly don't!

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Condition: New

Publisher Suggested Age Range: 07-10

ISBN-13: 9781913519919

ISBN-10: 1913519910

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