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Around the World in 80 Trees

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Around the World, Book #1

Journey around the globe to gaze up at towering redwoods, marvel at monkey puzzles, and find out which tree has fish swimming around its roots.

Discover trees that give us beautiful flowers, delicious treats, and life-saving medicines--and bizarre trees with bloodred sap, fruit that can be used as soap, or even burned as candles. Learn how trees communicate with each other and how they helped us journey to the farthest reaches of our world. Bursting with blossom and the rustling of leaves, explore the tallest, the smallest, and everything in between.

Includes a stunning central gatefold that opens out to reveal all 80 trees and how they relate to each other. Focus spreads explore subjects such as the life cycle of trees, how they communicate with each other, why trees are vital to the Earth's health, and their importance to us.

A visual celebration of the huge variety of trees found across the globe, from those you know to those you almost certainly don't!

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Condition: New

Publisher Suggested Age Range: 07-10

ISBN-13: 9781803380124

ISBN-10: 1803380128

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