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A Tale of Two Titties

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A Writer's Guide to Conquering the Most Sexist Tropes in Literary History

From the brilliantly funny (and rightfully furious) creator of the viral Men Write Women Twitter account

Let's face it, women's representation in literature really sucks. And that's mostly because of the male authors who write female characters like they're nothing more than playthings in their stories. Whether they have breasts like ripe peaches or curves like a racetrack, the literary ladies gracing the pages of bestselling books rarely serve a purpose beyond supporting a male character (or giving him something to fantasize about).

But what are you supposed to do about it if you can't even get a foot (or, I guess, a boob) in the door

You beat them at their own game.

In this hilarious yet incisive guide, you'll learn how to write women just like a bestselling male author - stereotypes, tropes, objectification, and all - so you can start dismantling the system from the inside. With thoughtful literary analysis, interactive exercises, and commentary that perfectly straddles the line between satirical hilarity and righteous indignation, A Tale of Two Titties is both an illuminating study of women's representation in literature and an absurd (yet accurate) guide to writing through the male gaze.

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