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Baseball Spy

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On this diamond, the final out could cost you everything.

Get ready for an adrenaline-packed adventure with fourteen-year-old Zane Mitchell! After a tough game with his new baseball team, Zane returns home to find his mom gone and a mysterious Federal Agent at his door. That's just the beginning of this wild ride, though. One of his teammates is a rogue hacker on a mission to uncover an explosive government secret, and Zane is the only one who can stop them

The stakes are high as Zane races against time to find the traitor before they strike at Falcon Field, Zane's very own little league ground. Hidden devices, undercover agents, and a deadly game of cat and mouse await as he navigates the dangerous twists and turns of this spy game without tipping off his enemy.

Can Zane save his family and protect the nation's secrets? Or will he strike out and lose everything-including his life? Find out in this heart-pounding thriller where every pitch could be a game-changer!

About the author. Scott Reister gets to live out his childhood dream with his job as an award-winning sportscaster, traveling the country and covering incredible stories and events. He and his wife live in Iowa with three children, any one of which may be a spy.

Condition: New

Publisher Suggested Age Range: 08-12

ISBN-13: 9781633738850

ISBN-10: 163373885X

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