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Latino Poetry

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The Library of America Anthology

This landmark Latinx poetry collection offers "a wondrous journey through the passions, the ideas, and the diversity of a people redefining what it means to be American" (Héctor Tobar, Pulitzer Prize winner)

Includes more than 180 poets, spanning from the 17th century to today, and presents those poems written in Spanish in the original and in English translation

For nearly five centuries, the rich tapestry of Latino poetry has been woven from a wealth of languages and cultures - a "tremendous continental mixturao," in the words of the poet Tato Laviera.

Now, in an unprecedented anthology edited by the poet and critic Rigoberto González, Library of America brings together more than 180 poets whose poems bear witness to the beauty and power of this vital and expanding tradition: its profound engagement with pasts both mythical and historical, its reckoning with the complexities of language, land, and identity, and its vision of a nation enriched by the stories of immigrants, exiles, refugees, and their descendants.

There are a brilliant array of contemporary voices here as well, spinning out the tapestry of Latino poetry in daring new directions. Taking the measure of this current renaissance, the anthology culminates with the most comprehensive survey of twenty-first century Latino poetry yet published.

Featured poets include:

  • José Martí
  • Julia de Burgos
  • Sandra Cisneros
  • Pedro Pietri
  • Juan Felipe Herrera
  • Jaime Manrique
  • Javier Zamora
  • Aracelis Girmay
  • Natalie Diaz
  • U.S. Poet Laureate Ada Limón.
This groundbreaking collection captures as never before the richness, diversity, and power of the Latino poetic imagination.

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ISBN-13: 9781598537833

ISBN-10: 1598537830

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