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WE ARE OPEN! Come see us at 250 W 1st. St in Grimes, 10am-6pm Monday-Saturday!

Low-Hanging Fruit

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A new essay collection by adored comedian and New York Times bestseller Randy Rainbow

Randy Rainbow has a few things on his mind that he wants to talk about. As a savvy social commentator tuned into the public discourse, his unfailing intuition tells him that the perspective everyone in America is clamoring for is that of a privileged white male complaining about a bunch of shit. While writing his New York Times bestseller Playing With Myself, Randy saw an America in crisis. He knew that what the country needed to get back on its high heels was a hard-hitting gay agenda and here it is - Low Hanging Fruit - a book filled with sparkling whines, a few flutes of champagne problems and a Birkin bag of the most pressing issues facing the US, from dancing TikTok grandmas, to Elon Musk, the GOP, and Donald Jessica Trump.

On the down low, Randy dishes up some sex talk about life on the dating apps, Craigslist hookups and more. ("Gurl, wait till you hear the story about the fireman and the goggles...") Randy's longtime companion, the glamorous Chinchilla Silver Persian cat Tippi, makes an appearance as she dishes about her life Chez Randy. And, in the most highly anticipated sequel since Top Gun: Maverick, Randy continues the conversation with his mother, Gwen, because who knows better than the Jewish mother of a gay man about how to solve America's problems? Randy Rainbow's Low Hanging Fruit - a bold manifesto for a nation desperately in need of a makeover.

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ISBN-13: 9781250327147

ISBN-10: 1250327148

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