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June is Pride Month! Don't miss Father's Day on June 16 & Juneteenth on June 19! Want to shop in person? We're opening our storefront NEXT MONTH!
June is Pride Month! Don't miss Father's Day on June 16 & Juneteenth on June 19! Want to shop in person? We're opening our storefront NEXT MONTH!
Our 2024 Most Anticipated!

Our 2024 Most Anticipated!

2023 was an absolutely CRAZY year for myself personally and for Raccoon River Press. Nothing like trying to squeeze as many markets and events in before having a baby to really eat into your personal reading time! That being said, once again, I'm absolutely overwhelmed with how many amazing reads are coming out this year... so here's my Top 15 Most Anticipated Releases of 2024!

Were there titles/authors I was hoping for a new release for? I would drop the majority of this list for Alecto the Ninth to finish up The Locked Tomb series or for a new novel from Fredrik Backman. But I absolutely CANNOT complain about what this year already has in store.

    • Divine Might - 02 January
      • Natalie Haynes is releasing a new nonfiction title right away in 2024, Divine Might. Similar to 2022's nonfiction release Pandora's JarDivine Might is bringing the female perspective of Greek Myth - this time from the Goddesses.
    • The Book of Fire - 02 January
      • Another highly anticipated release coming right out of the gate is Christy Lefteri's latest, The Book of Fire. I absolutely loved The Beekeeper of Aleppo and recommend it often. Though I will admit to being really excited for Songbirds, only to have it still sitting in my TBR pile. 
    • Anita de Monte Laughs Last - 05 March
      • Iowa Writers Workshop alumna Xochitl Gonzalez is back! I loved her debut, Olga Dies Dreaming and I'm really looking forward to returning to her writing style with this tale of an overlooked female artist.
    • Blessed Water - 12 March
      • I'm not usually one for pulpy crime novels, but Margot Douaihy's Scorched Grace really took me by surprise. I'm looking forward to meeting back up with chain smoking, tattooed nun Sister Holiday
    • The Angel of Indian Lake - 26 March
      • IT'S SLASHER TIME! Stephen Graham Jones is wrapping up the Indian Lake trilogy and I'm here. for. it. If you haven't read My Heart is a Chainsaw or Don't Fear the Reaper yet, what are you even doing? 
    • Table for Two - 02 April
      • This is the SECOND short story collection on my list this year. Who am I? Existential crisis aside, Amor Towles is one of my favorite authors, and I find myself recommending The Lincoln Highway to basically everyone. Maybe this will be the year I fall in love with short stories?
    • A Short Walk Through a Wide World - 09 April
      • Unfortunately, I made the decision to put most of the debuts that I was anticipating in my "almost there" list due to the number of my favorite authors releasing new works this year. However - this one stayed through every revision. The concept for this debut novel is ambitious and sounds very cool - I can't wait to see how it plays out.
    • The Age of Magical Overthinking - 09 April
      • After reading and adding Wordslut and Cultish to my "beloved nonfiction" pile, I had the absolute pleasure of listening to Amanda Montell give a talk and meeting her after. It also seems like her books or talks all happen around my birthday, so this is a wonderful little birthday treat for me. 
    • The Demon of Unrest - 30 April
      • I'll admit that, while I haven't read all of my Erik Larson backlist, I've never disliked anything I've picked up. Some authors just have a great nonfiction voice, and Larson is one of them. I never thought I'd be so excited for a book about the American Civil War, but I am now!
  • MAY
    • How to Become the Dark Lord and Die Trying - 21 May
      • Reading the blurb for this gives me serious Legend of Zelda vibes, with a twist. Love the premise, love the cover, can't wait.
    • The Guncle Abroad - 21 May
      • Patrick O'Hara, our favorite guncle, is back. The Guncle is one of my all-time favorite books, and I can't wait to be back with Maisie, Grant, and their new launt. This will most likely be a Book Club Shake Up pick in 2024.

Will I snatch up all these books ASAP? Yes. Will I let them languish on my shelf for an undetermined amount of time? Unfortunately.... probably. I set very ambitious reading goals, but often fall victim to serious mood reading! 

What releases are you most looking forward to in 2024? Leave a comment below! Need to see what's up-and-coming? Check out our MASSIVE Pre-Order Collection!

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